Embroidery policy

The embroidering is carried out directly in Japan. The workflow provides that the stitching is done first and then the sewing takes place. The Japanese characters (katakana or hiragana) have a diameter of approx. 2 cm by default. We translate your desired name for free.

TAISEI offers the following embroidery colours: white, black, green, blue, red, yellow, silver and gold.

The embroideries are neatly sewn and underlaid several times. The special procedure: during the embroidering the needle does not pierce through the textile and thus the embroidering is only visible from the “correct” side.

Please note that embroidered products are usually excluded from exchange!

We offer the following items with individual embroidery:

  • Karate jacket embroidered with your desired name in Japanese on hem or chest
  • embroidered karate pants with your desired name in Japanese next to the label
  • Karate belt embroidered with your desired name in Japanese, one-sided or on both sides (not pierced through)

TAISEI – Karate Gi