Who or what is TAISEI?

TAISEI literally means peaceful life“ said Takasu smiling but precise.

Takasu is the owner and master tailor of TAISEI.
He started to learn karate 40 years ago.

With his tailoring skills Takasu managed to improve his own karate suit continuously. His unique gi even attracted the attention of his senseis. From there on Takasu started to learn a lot. He gained a lot of experience about the perfect cut and best material for karate gi.

For a short time Takasu sewed for his own dojo. By now the is supplying one of the biggest karate associations in Japan. Takasu is happy and says, his handcraft and karate are one of the few constant things in our way to fast running times. He rests in himself , sings his tunes and operates his sewing machine. With personal conviction Takasu stands behind his work. So he gives every handmade karate gi the values of karate-do to take with to its new owner.

“In Japanese dojos you see TAISEI karategi everywhere. It is a very harmonic picture to see a kata like Kanku Dai done by serious and disciplined karateka in perfectly fitting gis. We could feel the tension in the air and the aestethics of the movements is still persistent in our mind. We would like to share this endeavours and our enthusiasm with you in Europe. The key to optimal karate trainings is not only in the execution of the movements but also in the material which surrounds him. One should seriously look at the overall picture and see the karategi as part of the whole. For us it is crucial that the karate suit is fitting, looks well and is manufactured under humane and sustainable conditions. If all aspects are fulfilled we can focus on the main thing – the karate training.”

TAISEI – Karate Gi

Mitglied im Händlerbund
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