Buy Karate Gi – Made in Japan

We distribute exclusively genuine Japanese karate gi (karate suits)
and traditional karate obi (karate belts)


Appreciatively and proudly, we cooperate with the well-known and
popular karate suit manufacturer TAISEI (Region Aichi, Japan).

The karate suits are style-independent and can be used for all styles of karate.

All models have the same optimized cut and have the best properties – you determine the material!

Here you can buy a genuine Karate Gi!


    Due to the original height of the sleeves in triangle shape on the karate jacket, the top moves with the karate techniques in all movements. The jacket remains closed during karate training.

    This will make your techniques faster and more precisewithout resistance.


    You get each Taisei Karategi custom madeaccording to your personal measurements. But also with indication of the height, weight and waist circumference your karate suit will fit like a second skin.

    Your personalised and genuine Japanese embroidered Gi makes you special.


    Yellowing of your karate suit is also a problem for you?

    Due to the discreet BLUE-WHITE EFFECT of the traditional cotton, from which the Taisei Karategis are made, the suit stays white longer.

  • 180° mobility of the legs

    As a special feature Taisei has an 8-fold pleated waistband. With this, the trousers sit smooth and supple around your waist and hip. Finally, the quantities of fabric that form when tying other trousers and already convey the feeling of restriction are over.

    The fabric rhomb, which is sewn between the trouser legs expands the mobility of the legs in all directions. Now there is no more plucking on the legs! You will be able to concentrate on your karate training.

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Here you also get original Japanese black belts

– optionally in cotton or silk –


    Something genuine Japanese,a piece of culture “martial arts karate” wear.

    Show your way – because the black belt is more than just a karate belt.


    Each karate belt is made to measure and embroidered with Japanese kanjis on request.

    The white core is wrapped in a black fabric and sewn 8 times. The traditional craftsmanship makes it possible to make embroidery visible only on one side.

  • Longevity

    Only genuine fabrics and yarns are used, which are characterized by their longevity.

    This Karate Obi will accompany you throughout your karate life.

Testimonials about TAISEI Karate Gi

Mit dem Ki-Gi gibt es nun einen wundervollen Trainings-Karate-Gi.

Mit dem Ki-Gi gibt es nun einen wundervollen Trainings-Karate-Gi. Der Stoff, mit einer Stärke von 11 Unzen, ist stabil und zugleich flexibel und bequem. Der schmale Schnitt ist vor allem für sportlich schlanke Menschen einfach super. Endlich ein Karate-Gi, mit dem alle „angezogen“ aussehen statt in Stoffmengen zu versinken! Ein absolutes Highlight sind die kürzeren Ärmel. Diese haben nun eine ¾ Länge und passen damit perfekt für das tägliche Training. Lästiges Hochkrempeln ist vorbei! Die kürzeren Ärmel begeistern jedes Mal. Eine weitere Neuheit sind die jeweils vier eingenähten Falten am Bund der Hose vorn und hinten. Der Tunnelzug wird dadurch …weiterlesen

Petra Schmidt

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