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What is the mission of

we want to provide Karateka from Europe with genuine japanese Karate suits and betls. More and more suppliers produce exclusively in Pakistan, China or India. It is important for us to keep the traditional roots of Karate and deliver directly from Japan. We are proud to provide humane conditions and a resource preserving environment. We offer with our TAISEI Karate Gi the original and are happy to inspire you.

What makes TAISEI so successful?

The success of TAISEI lies in the continuous communication process and the close relation to Karate-Do itself. Quality of seaming and genuine material the Karate suits are made of do match. Every Karate Gi and every Karate belt are handmade and made in Japan.

What are the core competences?

Our main competence lies in the easy ordering of a Japanese Keikogi completely fitting your wishes and expectations. We have the connection to Japan, the know-how and an optimized logistics workflow, which allows us to offer you the best terms.

Where do we have advantages in competition?

We see our advantage clearly in the personal relationship to Japan. Through our experiences in karate training (both in Europe and in Japan) we have the luck of getting a deeper knowledge of Japan through our sensei. Throught the years a personal relationship could evolve. So we are now in direct contact with the TAISEI manufacture. It’s one of the few established tailor shops in Japan. We are convinced that TAISEI produces the best Karate suits. Convince yourself and enjoy the Japanese original. Made in Japan.

Is there a karate suit with short sleeves?

Yes, TAISEI KI-GI has by nature ¾ length of the sleeves. It was designed with on of the founders of Ki karate, Dr. Petra Schmidt. Here you find the Ki-Gi directly.

How should I was my Karate Gi?

We suggest to wash your Gi after each training. by the you prevent yellowing and a 30 to 40 degree washing program is enough to wash out the sweat.

KATA Karate Gi oder KUMITE Karate Gi – where is the difference?

Our Japanese tailor does not make a difference between Kata and Kumite Karate Gi. Buy the Gi you feel comfortable in. It is important that the Karate Gi does not stick to your skin and fits to your style of karate. You can use all TAISEI Gi for any kind of training. But often a thick Karate Gi is preferred for Kata and a light one for Kumite. Kihon is in between. At TAISEI you find Karate suits between 9 and 13 oz. Here you find the karate suits.

Which one fits me?

Which size is right for you, you can derive from our size chart. Important for as is your waist circumfence because we match the pants size to that. If you do not have a measring tape, but a printer and glue, you can download a measring tape on A4 paper here …

What fits me after the first laundry?

Japanese wash everything in cold water and usually do not have dryers as it is common in our houses. With a washing up to 40 degree we can predict the shrinking: The material of KIGI and MIZU will shrink by half a size. We provide a size chart for each Karate Gi, which already takes into account the shrinking.

Delivery time – how long do I have o wait?

Independently of Karate belts, suits or both, the production time in Japan is around 6 weeks. It take about 2 weeks for transport. After we took care of the customs clearence we deliver the products within 8-12 weeks.

Advance payment – why that?

TAISEI is not a big factory or a big corporate enterprise, but a matser with his tailors in a workshop, and it also takes preparatory efforts for them.

May I put my karate suit in the dryer?

Please don’t! Your best pullover you wouldn’t put in the dryer either, do you? It is possible but you have to consider that the karate suit will shrink beyond your expectations. Moreover the dryer will affect the cotton so the textile will get thinner and thinner over time.

I want to buy a cheap lkarate suit …

If you do not expect your Karate suit to be made in Japan, we recommend SaikoSports. There you find high quality karate suits a reasonable prices. Here you go directly to SaikoSports.

Is there also a karate suit for overweight persons?

This is a topic whcih becomes more and more important and some suppliers should react in the future. We can offer you a made-to-measure TAISEI. Here you are forwarded directly to the product: TAISEI.

Paying a Karate Gi (karate suit) on account – is that possible?

In the near future we can offer you via our payment service PayPal+ also paying in account. Here you find our terms for payment.

Do you have questions, too? We are happy to answer you on everything concering karate suits and karate belts from TAISEI.

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