Classy karate obi made of natural silk.

Karate obi “silk”

SIlk is a fine strand which is obtained from the silkworm’s cocoon. It is known for its beautiful gloss and extremely high tear strength. The textile strand made of chains of proteins is unique in nature. Because of the high tear strength of natural silk the belt is very durableand does not loose colour. In addition to the beautiful natural gloss the belt can be upgraded with an additonal embroidery. As common for top-class obis, which are fabricated the traditional way, the embroidery is not visible on the back side. The embroidery is part of the belt, and not just on the surface. The red/gold/white label shows the origin in Japan.

overview of the karate belt “silk”:

  • Width: 4 cm or 5 cm
  • hardness: strong
  • Material: 100 % natural silk
  • Length: free to choose

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